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About Few Pet Bird: Birds are particular kind of animal species which have specific characteristics that are common to all of them. All of the birds are feathered, winged, bipedal, egg-laying, warm-blooded. Birds are from the class Aves. That’s why the characteristics are same for all of them. They are an essential part of the ecosystem.

Best Pet Bird

Birds are of many kinds and different sizes too. The smallest bird in the world is Hummingbird. The biggest bird is the Ostrich. Birds are of varying color also. Some birds like have beautiful and colorful feathers such as peacock. The crow and cuckoo are black, on the other hand, the swans and doves are white.

When it comes to choosing a pet like a bird who’s too large, too loud, too expensive, people find it very difficult to handle. If you want to buy a bird as a pet, then you can make a list of birds. While making a list expand your horizons and consider not only the largest or colorful birds. There are various kinds of birds. Today I’m going to tell you about some pet birds and their nature.


Cockatiel pet bird make a smart deal

Cockatiel The Pet Bird

By surveying, the bird cockatiels rated No. 1 was the with 23 percent of the votes. Cockatiels are favorite of all. Both beginning and experienced birdkeepers love to have them.

Cockatiels are also talented whistlers. So cockatiels are known for their sweet whistle. When they see their favorite person they whistle. They are always busy doing fun around the cage. A healthy, well-socialized cockatiel can make significant family pet bird.

Cockatiels are native to the regions of Australia. Wild cockatiels fly to the ground to forage for food. Cockatiels readily breed in the wild. As they are also easy to breed in captivity, which makes them widely available as pets.It needs lower cost than most other parrot species.

Budgerigar pet bird make a smart deal


Because of their small price and availability, these birds can be easily purchased. People keep these birds for their loving personality and attractive look. Some budgies re excellent talkers.

The color of budgies is attractive. They are green or blue shaded. They’re usually gentle, patient handling and they can bond closely with their owners. For its behavior budgies are ideal pet bird.

Grey Parrots pet bird make a smart deal

African Grey Parrots Best Pet Bird

African Grey parrots have been kept as pets for almost thousands of years. Their easy availability and talent attract human. African Greys usually pick up on words and sounds very quickly. They are known as one of the most intelligent parrot species. They repeat everything they hear. Like its name, the African Grey has mostly grey feathers, some with a beautifully thin, pale edging. They eat green vegetables and fruits. For physical improvement, you have to allow it at least one to two hours out of the cage.

Cockatoos pet bird make a smart deal

Cockatoos Playful Pet Bird

There are many types of cockatoos such as Bare Eyed Cockatoos, Black Palm, Citron Cockatoos, Goffin’s Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos, etc. All of them are very gentle to handle. That is why they are well known as a pet bird. Different breeds have different colors. They love toys.

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Lovebird pet bird make a smart deal


Peach-faced lovebirds are very beautiful and active. They are well-socialized. They can be your best pal for years if you don’t leave him alone in a cage. They’re very affectionate, not overly loud and it’s crucial for a pet bird. They are tiny. Lovebirds are very colorful.

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Pyrrhura Conures pet bird make a smart deal

Pyrruhra Conures

You’ve got about a dozen varieties of conures to choose. For new owners, the green-cheeked or maroon-bellied conures, which are much quieter than other will be the best choice. The more popular sun conure is very loud. But Conure is affectionate and playful.


Finches pet bird make a smart deal

Finches Bird

They are flashy, fast-moving, and fun loving bird. Also, they are very social. If you plan on buying two or more and giving them a cage with plenty of space to exercise their wings but these birds don’t climb for exercise. They’re too crowded, and this can be a problem for a new bird owner. Because they’re perfectly content to live without handling, so finches make good caged birds.

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Canaries pet bird make a smart deal

Canaries Best Singer Pet Bird

The canary is one of the most popular pet bird in the world. It is well known for his whistle and attractive color. The Canaries are also known as finches. The color of canaries can be green or yellow, bright orange, or even brown.

Male canaries are a good singer. If you want a singer, make sure your new bird is a male because female canaries don’t sing.

This bird is perfect for beginners. The canary is happy to hang out in a cage. They entertain you with beauty and song. They are easy to handle because they are not loud.

Quaker Parakeets pet bird make a smart deal

Quaker Parakeets

Green and silvery Quakers are very attractive. They are active and upbeat, and they like to vocalize. Some learn to talk, and others love to whistle. They can all be loving socialized.

Keeping these birds is illegal in some countries. Because they are considered a threat to native agriculture. But the Quaker is well worth considering if you live in places where they are legal.

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Pionus Parrots pet bird make a smart deal

Pionus Parrots

Pionus are sometimes overlooked as a pet because they’re not as flashy as other parrots. But they are very bright in color. These are small enough to be easy to keep and handle. Their personalities are more sedate. They are good as a pet bird because they’re not excessively loud. They are also very social.

Macaws pet bird make a smart deal

Macaws Best Pet Bird

There are varieties of macaws in the world. But the massive colorful macaws are attractive. Macaws are playful and active. They require extensive amounts of time outside of their cage. Macaws that are not regularly handled so they are good as a pet. Sometimes they have hormonal imbalances or little mental stimulation. And that can become aggressive, destructive, and problematic. For good care of macaw need to receive appropriate nutrition, mental stimulation, and owner attention. They are very loyal.

Amazon Parrots pet bird make a smart deal

Amazon Parrots

The Amazons are more expensive than many of the other pet bird. Amazons are the best talkers, especially the yellow-naped species. They are also beautiful and brilliant. They love to be in the limelight always.

For beginners, the lilac-crowns, blue-fronted, Red-lored, and white-fronted are good choices because these are less demanding, quieter, and easy to handle.They are very social too.

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Medical Concerns

There are many types of pet birds in the world. But if you want to keep any of them as a pet bird, then you need to know about their medical needs. Another consideration is what kind of diseases each species is prone to get is very important. Now I am going to tell you about some medical conditions.


  • Giardiasis: A disease of the bird caused by a gut parasite. Symptoms are painful feather picking.
  • Candidiasis: It is a disease caused by a yeast and which is common in chicks. Antifungal medicine is a current course of treatment.
  • Chlamydiosis: This disease should always rule sick cockatiels. Frequent conjunctivitis and sinusitis are the only symptoms seen.

African Greys

  • Feather picking: Caused by physical, behavioral or environmental problems.
  • Hypocalcemia syndrome: Low blood calcium, which can result in seizures. Birds aged 2 to 5 are most affected by this disease.
  • Aspergillosis: This is a fungal disease. Warm, moist environments cause more infections in the bird.


  • Neoplasia (cancer): Budgies are known as most affected by this diseases. Tumors of the kidney, ovary, teste, and liver are commonly affected.


  • Blood parasite problems: These may be associated with kidney disease.
  • Behavior problems: Some cockatoos chew their bodies open, especially the chest and legs.

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Birds are not known as domesticated animals. Domestic animals are animals that have been bred for hundreds of years to live in the care of humans, and they are distinct from their wild friends. Birds are beautiful. They can charm us with their color. Some of them can sing, and some of them can talk. They are loyal. And suitable as a pet bird.

The birds above are all fantastic pets when placed in the correct homes. When choosing your “best pet bird,” be sure to educate yourself before you purchase the bird. Only you know what is right for you and your potential feathered companion


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